Dr. Sara is the most understanding therapists i have ever been to. Her open heart & mind method has made a tremendous difference in my life. Keep up the amazing work!!!

We really appreciated leaving with tangible things to work on

Today was helpful from start to finish. Thank you for knowing what I needed to hear.

I would like you to continue challenging me. I have done very well for myself since my first session and would like to continue taking steps forward to improve my sex life.

Session went better than I could have hoped for. Happily surprised. Glad I found you.

Helpful session for me. I feel there is hope for gaining better insight into my crippling (at times) anxiety. Also I’m more optimistic about improving relationship with my husband.

Great initial session, I feel confident in the approach and look forward to continuing along the approach as I strongly feel it is going to greatly help my wife & I.

“Well, in today’s session Dr. Sara brought in some research she had recently run across that was germane to our conversation. I like that Dr. Sara stays current with developments in her field and can figure out how to make them relevant during our conversations.”

“I enjoyed my first session with Dr. Sara. I liked how she listened and after she listened she was able to speak to my situation accurately and it didn’t take her asking me tons of questions. Dr. Sara got right to the point and her feedback for my first session was enlightening and invaluable. Something I can build upon until my next booster session.”

“Dr. Sara provides good feedback and she is competent. We only just had our initial consultation, but I appreciated her directness, energy, and insight. She offered us some possibility that there is hope, and we look forward to the work.”

“I like that you speak to me intellectually. I am also glad you can see both sides of the spouses, which enables you to help us simultaneously. I also like that you LISTEN and not just talk.”

“Dr. Sara helps me. We don’t agree on everything and she doesn’t always get everything exactly right. But she listens. She is kind and thoughtful and insightful and resourceful and creative and can bring her considerable experience to bear. She is not afraid to challenge me or tell me things I might not want to hear. But she is always constructive and upbeat about it. Most of her advice is worth considering and whether it’s dead on or not, I feel like she is trying her best for me, and that her good heart is in the right place. Full marks.”

NOTE: According to Survey Monkey, Dr. Sara has achieved a high psychotherapy patient satisfaction score of 8.6/10.