Although major advances have been made in recent years in the diagnosis and treatment of many cancers, just hearing that you have cancer can be incredibly terrifying. Moreover, many of the standard treatments are both invasive and distressing, adding another layer of difficulty to an already complicated medical problem. But it doesn’t have to be so isolating and scary, especially with Dr. Rosenquist on your side.

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Dr. Rosenquist trained with Dr. Barbara Anderson and her colleagues at Ohio State University’s bio-behavioral intervention program known as Cancer2Health. This empirically-studied and validated program was designed to help cancer patients cope with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and the invasive, uncomfortable treatments that so often accompany it. Study results have shown that participants in the 8 to 14-week group Cancer2Health program experienced reduced stress, improved mood and reduced symptoms of the disease and its treatment side effects. Moreover, these dramatic improvements were robust and long lasting; still very much present 6 months after the program ended.

People seeking effective therapy for the distress of cancer and related medical protocols should know that Dr. Rosenquist incorporates the best elements of the successful Cancer2Health program in her individual treatment. If you elect to participate in a Cancer2Health research group, you will receive the written materials free by completing various experimental pencil and paper measures of stress and social support at various intervals. Your participation in this research arm of treatment is entirely voluntary.

Dr. Rosenquist’s mission is simple. She wants to help you transition from cancer to health… successfully.

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