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A Modern Solution for Your Unhappy Sex Life

Has your sex life with your partner become disappointing, difficult, conflicted or painful? Worse, has your sex life evaporated into thin air? Clinical studies have shown that when sex is happening in a long-term relationship – even plain vanilla, ordinary lovemaking – it accounts for a mere 15% of relationship happiness. But when sex is absent, conflicted or disappointing, it accounts for 75% of your relationship unhappiness. In other words, sex isn’t that big a deal when it’s happening, but becomes disproportionately important when it isn’t.

Most sexual dysfunctions are complex bio-psycho-social problems that need sophisticated psychotherapy in order to be treated successfully. Any single-pronged approach is likely to fizzle. So if you are experiencing sexual difficulties – whether with desire, arousal, pain or orgasm, please don’t suffer in silence any longer.

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Sexual Difficulties

Intimacy. It means so many different things to different people. Some people say “intimacy” when they mean “sex” or “sexual intercourse.” In reality, intimacy is so much more than “just sex.” Intimacy involves knowing and being known. It means knowing someone so well, being so attuned, that at times, words become superfluous.

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Fertility Challenges

When you long for a child of your own but the cradle remains empty, your heart aches. Every month, each round of treatment can be heartbreaking, cutting to the deepest part of your soul. All the infertility tests and medical procedures you undergo require that you dissociate just a little from your body, separating your deepest emotions from the act of love.

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Pregnancy & Couvade

Pregnancy is an emotional time for women. Hormones are but one small part of the massive changes occurring in a woman’s body and about to occur in her social world. Pregnancy is a time when a woman is more vulnerable than ever, a time when she needs the love and support of her partner and her village – the community of family and friends that she belongs to.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a pandemic affecting 1.5 billion people worldwide and nearly one-third of all Americans (over 100 million people). There are more chronic pain sufferers in America than those with diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer combined! So it’s not surprising that opioid abuse and overdose statistics have been in the news headlines a great deal lately.

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Success Stories

Dr. Sara is the most understanding therapists i have ever been to. Her open heart & mind method has made a tremendous difference in my life. Keep up the amazing work!!!

I would like you to continue challenging me. I have done very well for myself since my first session and would like to continue taking steps forward to improve my sex life.

Great initial session, I feel confident in the approach and look forward to continuing along the approach as I strongly feel it is going to greatly help my wife & I.

Helpful session for me. I feel there is hope for gaining better insight into my crippling (at times) anxiety. Also I’m more optimistic about improving relationship with my husband.

Psychotherapist, Hypnosis, Psychologist services in Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Sara Rosenquist


Dr. Sara Rosenquist is a Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist (ABPP) and Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Health Psychology (FACHP). She is a sex therapist certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), and an approved consultant, certified in the practice of hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Dr. Sara helps families, couples and individuals with hypnosis, sex therapy, marital therapy, marriage counseling, sex addiction, postpartum depression, and infertility issues. She is the author of “After The Stork: The Couple’s Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Postpartum Depression”, and enjoys working with clients from her office in Chapel Hill, NC.

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